Brief summaries of and links to articles and other sources of information.

Source 2.  Web Site   A hard hitting, well researched and written site which tends to support the argument in important respects.  Also covers other topics of interest regarding Thomas, his Army, and his opponents.

Source 3.  Web Site   http://general   A less contentious site regarding the premise, but an excellent source of much useful, stylishly presented information about Thomas and the Civil War nonetheless.

Source 4.  Articles   "Catching Up With 'Old Slow Trot' ", Ernest B. Ferguson, Smithsonian Magazine, March, 2007 (addresses the question "Why was he cheated by history?")  

"At The Edge Of Glory", Bruce Catton, American Heritage Magazine, February, 1962, (review of Francis F. McKinney's Education of Violence,) viewable at  

"Rock of Chickamauga", Peter Andrews, American Heritage Magazine, March, 1990, viewable at  

Source 5.  Generally Useful Links    Contains an array of diverse "diamond in the rough" type information about the Civil War.  

Source 6.  Ulysses S. Grant, The Unlikely Hero, Michael Korda.  Korda quotes Alan Nevins with favor in his book, as follows:   Grant "bore grudges and was a vengeful hater.        Korda goes on to state that Grant   * * * remained thin-skinned, sensitive, and burdened with the inferiority complex of a boy who had been brought up by harsh and distant parents, made fun of at school, been passed over for promotion in the army, failed at every attempt to make money or improve his situation, and eventually settled into life as a clerk in his father's store and the town drunk until the Civil War came along and saved him.  He was deeply conscious of the gaps in his education and resentful of any perceived slight."  Page 127.       
The above statements regarding Grant's insecurity in the company of skillful, educated, accomplished men were written in the context of Grant's relationship with Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts.  They are equally germane to Grant's relationship with George Thomas, whom both Grant and Sherman viewed as a sort of Southern patrician, but one they knew intimately to be a hugely competent and successful one, at that.  

Source 7:  Web Site Published by Donald Plezia.  Another treasure trove of Thomas information collected by an astute student of history.

Source 8:  Master of War - The Life of General George H. Thomas, Benson Bobrick   2009

Source 1.  My book entitled:  Gen. George H. Thomas:  Chief Conservator Of The Union And Victim Of Gross Historical Injustice  --  A Compendium Of Sources In Support Of The Argument, published June 15, 2003

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